When asked what type of promotion would be most likely to influence their purchase decision, digital coupons ranked number one with consumers. In fact, 59% of consumers would be influenced by a digital coupon as compared to a sales promotion, which would only influence 28% of consumers. Receiving a deal or savings opportunity via a digital coupon can be the tipping point for a consumer to click “buy” online or to walk into a store and make the purchase in person. In fact, nearly 80% of consumers agree that digital coupons “close the deal” for them when they are undecided on a purchase.
Digital coupons also help create more of a sense of urgency, rather than stacking up in the same old familiar pile. Once a consumer receives a digital coupon, most are redeemed within several days and many immediately. In fact, nine in 10 desktop, smartphone and tablet users redeem a digital coupon within days and nearly 30% of consumers used a digital coupon immediately upon receiving the offer.

The digital coupon impact goes beyond the transaction and positively affects brand and loyalty. Nearly seven in 10 consumers strongly believe that digital coupons have a positive impact on a retailer’s brand, and 68% also state that coupons generate loyalty. In addition to being loyal, customers are also very open to trying a new brand when receiving a digital coupon on a smartphone. Nearly half of consumers are likely to try a new brand when receiving a coupon on their smartphone while shopping in-store, and 36% are likely to switch brands.

Source: Report: The State of Digital Coupons. (2014). Forrester Research.

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My purpose is simple – to identify the authentic potential in brands, discover their beautiful truth and inspire them to tap into their purpose or their raison d'être (reason for being). This is a brand’s beautiful truth. Establishing that truth opens the door for fresh approaches and ideas that are unmistakably true to brand, yet breakthrough for consumers – suited for building businesses. It’s all about shattering category conventions, finding permission for new territory and ultimately building relevance and more meaningful experiences at every moment along the journey. I pride myself on getting people to fall in love with the brand, be it for the very first time and or all over again. Feel free to reach out to me if I can help in any way. Dixie Kachiros 214-596-8468

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