Formerly synonymous with generic typeface and questionable quality, today’s private label goods are transforming categories and forever shaking up the consumer marketplace. In fact, 80% of all shoppers now believe that private label brands are equal to or better than national brands in terms of quality and packaging.

Over the last three years, sales of private label/store brands grew 18.2%, accounting for $111 billion in sales, according to Nielsen. That is more than twice the rate of growth for national brands – 7.9% to $529 billion – over the same period.

While not experiencing the same rate of growth, private label is a solid contender within the coffee industry. Given coffee’s fairly volatile and higher price point, private label brands can leverage lower cost, making the option appealing enough to rank among the segment’s leaders. In fact, for ground coffee household penetration, private label is nearly tied with Maxwell House for second place at 15.6% and 16.2%, respectively, led only by Folgers at 21.9%. And while it might be an occasional trade-down for some, 38% of households are brand loyal to private label coffee brands.

In terms of consumer perceptions, 42% perceive private label/store brand coffee as offering a better value than name brand coffee and 16% see no difference in taste.

To protect market share, national coffee brands will need to further leverage their core strengths and differentiate themselves to compete against private labels effectively and keep consumers’ loyalty.

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Published by dkachiros

My purpose is simple – to identify the authentic potential in brands, discover their beautiful truth and inspire them to tap into their purpose or their raison d'être (reason for being). This is a brand’s beautiful truth. Establishing that truth opens the door for fresh approaches and ideas that are unmistakably true to brand, yet breakthrough for consumers – suited for building businesses. It’s all about shattering category conventions, finding permission for new territory and ultimately building relevance and more meaningful experiences at every moment along the journey. I pride myself on getting people to fall in love with the brand, be it for the very first time and or all over again. Feel free to reach out to me if I can help in any way. Dixie Kachiros 214-596-8468

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