Millennials, our most powerful and influential generation, are not only into food, they’re obsessed with it. In fact, nearly 50% of millennials are self-described “foodies.” They talk about food and restaurants constantly and their social lives are organized around them. For these millennials, food is viewed as a legitimate hobby, a playground for one-upmanship, and a measuring stick of cool, according to journalist Michael Idov in “The Young Foodie Culture.”

Millennials view food as a form of self-expression and entertainment, associating it with personal storytelling. They Instagram what they eat, follow food celebrities on Twitter and try new places ranging from trendy chic to dive restaurants.

“Millennials are particularly tied to the social aspects of dining,” says Sara Monnette, director of consumer research for Technomic. It’s ingrained in their lifestyle so they’ll find ways to go out, even if it’s using the money they saved by moving in with their parents.

The good news for QSRs is that consuming fast food co-exists as a part of the millennial foodie lifestyle. They are major fast-food consumers who frequent leading QSR chains like McDonald’s, Subway and Burger King. And they do so often; In fact, 60% of millennial foodies eat at QSRs at least once a week.

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