Using instagram allows QSRs to capture a different, more personal side of their brand to connect with consumers. With the ability to add filters to images, the subject of the photo can take on different moods, thus helping to transform a picture of a simple hamburger or cup of coffee into a work of art. Many successful QSRs use real-life, or at least seemingly real, imagery on Instagram. This is a great way to connect with consumers, as it is relatable and closer to the real customer experience, allowing for a more authentic exchange with the brand’s social community.

Many QSRs have embraced this concept and are successfully leveraging the power of instagram to connect with consumers. In fact, some of the most followed food brands on Instagram are QSRs, including Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and Dunkin’ Donuts. Beyond just following QSRs, consumers are actively tagging them on Instagram. While Starbucks far and away takes the lead, McDonald’s and In-N-Out are among the top 10 most Instagram-tagged restaurants.

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My purpose is simple – to identify the authentic potential in brands, discover their beautiful truth and inspire them to tap into their purpose or their raison d'être (reason for being). This is a brand’s beautiful truth. Establishing that truth opens the door for fresh approaches and ideas that are unmistakably true to brand, yet breakthrough for consumers – suited for building businesses. It’s all about shattering category conventions, finding permission for new territory and ultimately building relevance and more meaningful experiences at every moment along the journey. I pride myself on getting people to fall in love with the brand, be it for the very first time and or all over again. Feel free to reach out to me if I can help in any way. Dixie Kachiros dkachiros@gmail.com dkachiros.com 214-596-8468

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