It is widely known that Hispanics drink more coffee than anyone else in the U.S. What is not widely understood are the differences in the perceived psychological benefits and experiences surrounding coffee for the U.S. Hispanic consumer.

While many non-Hispanics might say that coffee helps wake them up in the morning, for Hispanics, coffee symbolizes calm.  Relaxation (65%), comfort (53%), and stress-release (40%) are the top three benefits associated with drinking coffee, beating out the caffeine buzz (38%) most associate with the drink.

Additionally, while serving coffee may indicate the end of a meal for some families, for U.S. Hispanics breaking out the coffee means the conversation is getting good.  For this segment, coffee time means learning something new about a family member (48%), hearing exciting news from a friend (47%), telling friends or family important news (44%), and planning for the future with friends or family (40%).

As the Hispanic-American population grows, it is essential for the coffee industry to meet their needs through understating the psychological benefits of coffee and the experiences that it supports.

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